Many professional traders are reluctant to trade on decentralized exchanges because private key management is an extremely risky and unsolved problem. If you deploy your private key to a production or test environment and it gets owned, you can lose hundreds of thousands or even millions of $.

To solve this, we can build a smart contract that is able to generate orders and take orders, but can only withdraw to a pre-set account. This smart contract can be freely used in production, as the only thing risk is that someone steals a key and can generate a 0x order.

What it does

  • Users who deploy FundsAreSafu (TCS) register a number of addresses they want to be able to use to sign orders
  • When someone attempts to fill one of those orders, FundsAreSafu will verify that the signature is legit and belongs to an authorized address
  • Users can also fill an outstanding order by sending it through the smart contract

How I built it

  • Solidity + 0x. Looked for inspiration from 0x Forwarding contract and 0x V2.0

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for FundsAreSafu

  • Needs a JS library!

Built With

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