I was inspired by the many club organizations, even my own a capella group who use the Krispy Kreme fundraiser and thought it would be really nice, simple, and easy for the clubs on campus to use this sort of app to manage donut orders for their fundraisers.

This app will help students keep track of how many boxes of donuts they sell to friends and family.

I downloaded and used Android studio to make this app.

I had to use a lot of tutorials to figure out what was going on. I had to download and reinstall multiple things to get it working.

I'm proud of all of the learning I did today and I always wanted to do make an app so this was a perfect time to experiment with it.

I learned how to use Android studio, which may come in useful for future classes and I've always wanted to know how to use it.

Eventually I want to incorporate a log of names and how many boxes each person ordered but as of now, I really only have a basic idea of where I want to go. I haven't even gotten any of the buttons to create a new activity yet but I hope to complete this project soon.

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