The inspiration for Fundr comes from a humble idea:

  • Our time is the most valuable thing we can share, why not give it to those who need it?

When people think about making a difference, they quickly think of financial aid. Sending money to a cause that will use it to do good things. Something that is quickly overlooked is that we have something much more valuable to offer than our money. Our time.

We spend time on everything we do. Every product you use and every experience you've ever had took time. Time to find it, time to create it. Our time is what gives things value, yet we rarely see it as something we can donate. With Fundr this will change.

What it does

Fundr is a platform for people. People who want to do good in the world but don't really know how. Our aim is to provide small and local charities with a way to find volunteers and to give potential volunteers a hassle-free way to make a difference.

We plan to accomplish this by creating a platform that acts as a middleman between people and the charities they are interested in. Not everyone has money to donate. On the other hand, we realize not everybody has a lot of free time to spend on charity. Fundr serves as a place for everybody to help charity, with a focus on positive results.

Charities can submit jobs to Fundr, for which they need volunteers. People who want to donate money can do so. They can choose which charity they want to donate to, and how much they want to compensate a potential volunteer. People who want to share their time can find jobs they are interested in and decide what happens to the money that was donated. They can choose a share that they can keep as compensation and a share that will be put directly into their own Fundr wallet so that they can then support jobs of their own, just like their donators did. This way our local charities will get the volunteers they really need. Our volunteers will see the charity accomplish their goals and can keep contributing to the things that matter to them.

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