We as college students have understood the pain of student loans and lack of resources. On the other hand, is our will to support the society to become a better place for everyone. This project is the amalgamation of both thoughts.

What it does

Fundono is an online platform that brings together donors and volunteers. Donors can donate anything ranging from resources, clothes, books, and money. We take interested college students as volunteers who work to achieve our goal of bridging the gap between donor and receiver. In return for their service, a part of their student loan will be borne by the Fundono, apart from the fun they will get in donating their services

How we built it

We used different promo services that were offered by Shell Hacks, MLH, and its sponsors. To make this website, we made use of Azure to host the site and bought the domain from We wrote the code for the website in HTML and CSS

Challenges we ran into

This was our first-time experience both in a hackathon and a complete project. At the beginning of the project, we had a very basic knowledge of HTML, CSS mand azure. We learned many things about website development through the workshops organized. Besides, to make the idea practical and economically viable, we had to do some research

Accomplishments that we're proud of

There is always a gap between what we learn in the class and how we actually implement them. To be able to integrate all the code, the web frame and domain is what we are really proud of. It might be simple, but we found it out ourselves which is why it's special.

What we learned

Deploying web apps and bot services through azure. Domain mapping and SSL Developing working websites through HTML and CSS Creating Github Repo

What's next for Fundono

We would like to make the website fully operational. As we keep learning more, we can bring in more features into it like Azure QnA bot, more sections webpage , etc. Moreover, we would like to work on implementing the project in reality.

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