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We've all faced the dilemma of choosing between buying online and going to an actual brick and mortar store to purchase a product. The grass is green on both the sides and it just depends on the product and its selling price at the time of purchase. We're here to help choose between them.

What it does

Leverages Uber and eBay APIs to build a really innovative pipeline for a one stop shop to evaluate all your shopping needs : When a user searches for a product in our app, he gets a price & time breakdown of buying the product in eBay vs Ubering to the Walmart nearest to his current location for purchasing the product. He can now smartly choose between buying online or going to a store depending on the price difference and how quickly he needs it.

How we built it

Front-end: We built an iOS application using Swift as the UI.

Back-end: The search input to our app is could be in the form of text, image and speech. If the input is image or speech, we've used GCP's ML engine to obtain the product in the image and transcribe speech to text respectively. Python SDKs were used to query the APIs and publish the data to a Flask server. The front-end reads the data published from the server and displays the results.

APIs used: eBay API, Uber API, Google Geocoding API and Places API

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out and using the eBay API was a challenge and we found it to be a bit complicated to obtain the features we wanted. The Walmart API did not allow access and it prevented new users from registering. So, we had to find alternatives. We had no luck finding any and finally resorted to scraping the site. Debugging the back-end and integrating the whole pipeline were challenging as well!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've built a complete working prototype of the app with all the major functionalities working and we had fun in the process!

What we learned

API is the new oil ! Using APIs helps prototype faster and wins hackathons :P

What's next for ShopKart

We plan to continue developing the app and integrate more features into it. We've planned to add a ride sharing feature for all the users in a close proximity going to the same store and a product recommendation engine which shows similar products in eBay which are cheaper than the product the user had searched.

Team Members: Bala, Laksh, Shraddha, Vishal

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