On average, startup founders spend 3 months communicating with VC's before actually raising capital. This is a huge time commitment which distracts founders from building their products and managing their teams.

What it does

Funder aims to connect startups and VC's in a quick and intuitive manner. On one end startups sift through VC firms, while on the other VC's are presented with an assortment of 15-60 second video startup elevator pitches.

If there is a mutual interest--both parties have "right swiped" each other--a connection is made, and each party has the option to start an immediate video call (over Skype), or to schedule a time when they are available for a quick call.

How we built it

The app runs on Android devices, and is hosted on Microsoft Azure. We also used MongoDB for our content backend.

Challenges we ran into

Vimeo's API gave us a ton of problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We went around collecting video elevator pitches from several other teams at Hack@Brown. Any judges that wish to build our demo onto their Android devices are able to check out various pitches from the competition without leaving our table.

What we learned

Microsoft Azure, MongoDB, Android, Material Design.

What's next for Funder

Waiting for somebody to swipe right on us!

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