From the analysis of data gathered, it was discovered that. There is a significant difference in computer literacy and STEM education between male and female youths, students with parents of high socio–economic status and those with low socio-economic status and students who live in rural and urban environment. There are low percent of youths with quality STEM education in Nigeria, Poor funding and lack of training facilities are among the factors that contribute to low quality STEM education in Nigeria.

What it does:

Solution: A crowdfunding platform to help children out of school, or have no access to quality STEM education, as well as acquiring training facilities mostly in rural areas. In the platform we also have a volunteer program for experienced and skilled mentors to teach young girls computer literate skills, web and mobile development.

How I built it :

I used colorlib template to formulate the website UI and architecture. I use VS code editor and html, css, bootstrap, saas, JS for the programming language.

Challenges I ran into:

Lack of resources mostly electricity, data and good PC

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

This is my second hackathon this year (first was hackathon for testers by testathon, I won best issue runner up ) I'm also proud to come up with this creative idea for social good

What I learned :

The journey so far was a great challenge and experience. I learnt that united we stand, divided we fall( I lost the motivation as a 1 team member but got support from our organizer Mr Uchi - Thank you) I learnt to be innovative and creative

What's next for : After the hackathon selection, I plan to introduce the idea to get support and sponsors for the platform software development and management.

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