First is Interest in BNPL services is booming across the world — more than a third of US customers have used it in some form. Second, per BNPL provider split - single biggest challenge is how to overcome lost ecommerce sales. Third, increasing popularity among younger consumers and those who may have thin credit files.

What it does

Here we bring Innovative way to lending. We named our solution as FundCred that is decentralized consumer credit. Idea is to bring cryptocurrency to BNPL world. Systems that are accepting cryptos should be supported with BNPL approach the way its with TradFi world .

FundCred is a DEFI protocol that us BNPL platform built on CIRCLE platform. Here we bring FundCred– future looking platform that intent to share the benefits with all participants. We aim for the market for everyday transactions and micropayments powered with Crypto and BNPL. Platform integrates third party apps, merchants, online ecommerce stores and famous staking mechanism. Introducing FundCred token that is reward format on defined events – purchase, installment paid. FundCred is bringing two sets of features

  1. Integrated wallets of CIRCLE, ETHERUM and AURORA and corresponding defi functions like show transactions, wallet transfer, staking to earn a yield and more.
  2. Introducing FundCred tokens to integrate BNPL model for cryptocurrency

App displays transactions for each token be it CIRCLE, Ethereum and Aurora. App as well has features to filter and search on transactions. Transfer allows to move tokens among integrated wallets and with FundCred as well. FundCred Wallet tab highlights dashboard that indicates available FundCred tokens as balance, Limit and spent. This dashboard drives limits for an individual on limits to BNPL credit for an ecommerce transaction be it online or offline store. This way, user has options either to make payment through available tokens in CIRCLE, Ethereum, AURORA wallets or through FundCred tokens that is BNPL path. Here in case of BNPL option- repayment can be done through defined EMI. This can be done through available wallet currency or their debit or credit cards. Post installment, users get rewards in form of FundCred tokens.

How we built it

This is achieved through proven tech stack that gives us needed agility, scale and ease of integration in ecosystem. Outsystems as a low code platform to bring experience to users through multiple channels – web, mobile android and ios both. Node.js to get the APIs generated on top of CIRCLE platform, for the consumption be ecommerce platform or FundCred app on various demoed features. Developed APIs, balance and transfer include underlying CIRCLE API based on CIRCLE account ID.

Challenges we ran into

Initially it took bit of challenges to bring multiple wallet coins to FundCred as single platform. For Hackathon we could achieve CIRCLE, Ethereum and Aurora chains in solution through FundCred. We integrated OutSystems low code platform with CIRCLE environment to facilitate our API powered transactions, initially we faced integration hurdles but we found ways to swiftly integrate our application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

FundCred is extendable to add more wallets and interoperable to connected with e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify and more. Conceptualization to realization of FundCred as additional token to support BNPL ways of lending to reach the untapped shoppers. Aligned to Web 3.0 with transparency, openness and scale at core of solution

What we learned

World of Cryptos and how this could be bundled in real time scenarios specifically in finance with FundCred

What's next for Cardona FundCred

Bring standards to Open integration among ecommerce players to bundle BNPL through FundCred

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