With a multitude of payment-sending apps available, it has become a hassle trying to coordinate with friends! In order to send money, both parties must have the same app, making it a hassle to coordinate payment apps with groups of friends. With storage often full, having 5 different payment apps just will not do! This is where Fund$wap comes in.

What it does

Fund$wap works as an intermediary for other money sending apps. Users sign in once with their important information, then then simply chooses which mode they wish to send money. All of the account integration is done without the user ever having to worry about remembering different passwords or running out of storage.

How we built it

Fund$wap is a web app hosted on AWS. It uses Google Firebase for database of users in order to remember frequent recipients. Fund$wap integrates many different APIs in order to talk between the already existing apps!

Challenges we ran into

We were trying to create an Android App as well but could not get some of the APIs to work.

What's next for Fund$wap

Fund$wap does not currently include ALL money sending apps (there is always room for improvement!). We also could have make it a smoother experience for the user if we had more time.

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posted an update

I mostly worked on implementing and designing the login and registration pages on the android application. The App ended up having problems with API integration. This is my first hackathon, and I enjoyed learning about android app development.

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posted an update

I worked on the backend and getting the payment methods to integrate with the website and each other. I also worked on the android app before we realized the API had a few issues. This was a great learning experience.

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