Function Dungeon is a gamified platform for teaching the algebra and functions to students through fun levels. Students learn about different mathematical functions in easy lessons. Then, use these functions to help a Wizard defeat skeletons by controlling the shape of his spells! Stuck? Check out the forums to ask and answer math questions!

3D Modeling done in Blender. Game creation done with Unity. Final game exported to WebGL for inclusion on website. Web server made with Node.js and Firebase database.

Challenges: Parsing user input and making our "spells" follow the path of any function. Implementation of a Postfix algorithm for efficient math. Connecting the service to a database for the forum site. Integrating WebGL to build Unity game on the web. GitHub and collaboration skills!

Lessons: Communicate! Don't stay up all night! And how to stay warm. Importance of good code documentation. Team management and role-assigning. Keeping a schedule and time-management.

Future: Addition of new types of functions, such as Polynomial and Sine. Enhanced particle effects and animations for immersion. And, of course, Multiplayer Battle Royale.

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