Iron has probably crossed my mind once since 2015-16 when I drew out its chemical structure in a more geometrical vector depiction. When I saw the assignment and various bits on the howdyhack webpage, I was inspired to apply modulus to a blockchain attempted data structure. The subject of that data structure was the atomic makeup of the micronutrient, iron. Off top, I learned that you have to keep digging for information that reveals the hierarchy that best indicates what building blocks produce what compounds. Basically, I'm saying that I think when it comes to this particular industry, even if it's just for the sake of education, scopes need to be reordered. I've always loved taking notes and the idea of getting my mental schemas out of head and into a visual paperwork format.

What it does

I didn't get very far. I tried very hard to render my data file to Jupyter virtual filesystem. Using Pandas library with the help of matlibplot, it should have been as easy as calling in the file I started to construct using the following code: prod = pd.read_csv(./foldercontainingfile/file.csv). There are a few more detaiIed instructions that need to be considered such as importing pandas, matlibplot (+ one more little thing with that), and calling it. But it didn't. I spent time playing with it and tweaking it and looking into the error codes, but I think I should have just spent the entire time building a kick ass data file that I could do cool, easier more familiar and practiced operations on.

## How I built it I input data into excel files. I didn't finish though. I wanted to build iron as a standalone element. And then I wanted to build Heme B- in order to showcase Iron's flexibility. In short, I planned it. But as I wanted to rush into coding and ensure that something would yield, I fell into a spiral when it didn't and used up all my time providing the documentation.

Challenges I ran into

Decisions to prioritize organic progress vs keeping up with the CS Jones'. I suppose a little bit of both is necessary.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Last year, in the midst of my classes, I managed to install python which was a little challenging. but I set the vars myself and got Python to successfully launch.

What I learned

I don't think I can cheat time. If I ever want be a real scripter, I have got to develop some sort of attachment to interacting with my computer.

What's next for Functional Hacking

Build that file gurl and I will continue building my database (online dictionary) of code. I will keep exploring material science and chemistry and bio. I really want to represent chemical building blocks in an appealing, functional, and innovative way.

Built With

  • currentlylearningdataprocessingbutnotmasteredyet
  • generalassemblytwitterprofpythonprogrammingcurriclr
  • jupyter
  • localhost:/8888
  • matplotlib.pyplotlibrary
  • pandastoolkit
  • pclaptop
  • python
  • tamuinformationsystems
  • thisprojectmademeawareoftheneedforuikits
  • visualbasiccode
  • windowslinux
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