How did we come up with Functice? We brainstormed different ideas for the four sections in this Hackathon, but we were attached more to one idea related to the education section -> Covid-19 made the biggest shift in the educational system, and most students became homeschooled. Since then, many startups have been launched to serve the purpose of improving education, related to school systems -or hard skills. But until now, no startup, either online or offline, is aiming to develop students soft skills, which are of extreme importance in the building of their personality and career. So why not create a platform that allows students to develop their soft skills in a fun experimental way ?

We loved the idea of helping students to be more confident and resourceful about their future careers and started working immediately on it.

What it does

Functice -> fun + practice ! This website will not only help teenagers to learn and practice about their soft skills, but they can learn through different and fun ways! We of course know that hard skills are much needed for a career, but sometimes we forget that soft skills are needed as much as hard skills for a successful career. This is how we want to help teenagers before they join college. Except from what they learn and study in school, they get to learn about soft skills and skill management in our website.

How we built it

We decided to work with HTML/CSS/JS since all three of us were more comfortable working with that. We used the platform to manage the code because it is easy and 2+ more people can work at the same time! We did not code the entirely website, we used a template but we edited, changed, developed, and added pages to fix and complete what we wanted to do.

(Copyright for the template: templatemo_565_onix_digital).

Challenges we ran into

The different timezones were a big challenge for us but we managed to work it out together as a team. Other challenges we faced were the problems and errors in the code, but we were lucky enough to be in a team together so we could fix them without checking the internet :).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of what we developed - Functice. But also for the fact that we had each other through this journey - whenever one of us had a problem, the others would fix it. No one was left on seen, no one of us was left stuck with a problem, and we are proud of this team and ourselves for being determined and helpful to each other.

What we learned

Before we started to work with the project, we thought that it is a short time to develop a MVP and that we would not have time to finish, but we learned that with determination, passion, hard work and team spirit everything can be reached and done. We also learned that being strangers means nothing when you work together for a purpose, and thanks to this Hackathon we became great friends, not only teammates.

What's next for Functice

Functice is not a project that could be built in a weekend. Even though we tried to make the best out of our time -and are proud of what we came out with- this is not how we see this platform. Besides fixing the unfunctionable buttons and pages, there are a few more things we'll need to build.

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