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Inspired to help the world waste less food... in a delicious way. Food goes bad if it sits in refrigerators and pantries for too long if we don't know what to do with it. We wanted to provide a way to easily come up with creative ideas to use those lingering items in your fridge and turn them into delicious & fun dishes!

What it does

We provide a simple and easy service where you give InstaCook ingredients you have on hand and it will generate fun recipes to cook anything, using our propriety AI algorithm.

Take a picture of your fridge!

Using our mobile app's image recognition feature, simply take a picture of your fridge or pantry to capture and add items to your ingredients list.

Mobile & Web Apps

Don't have a laptop on you? No problem! With our mobile and web applications, you are free to use whatever platform is easiest for you.

How we built it

We started by creating a custom Tensorflow model using the latest algorithms for text generation. It takes in ingredients and generates new unique recipes for someone to cook with. While the model was training, we created the mobile app using React Native and website using React. Finally, we tried added some more features like image recognition & object detection to find ingredients in an image and create recipes from that.


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