When I know about this hack theme I've been searching on the internet what problems people face after covid while searching on the internet I've got the idea to make a music concert finder app for web,android and IOS where people do some fun without concern that the rules and regulations of any country are followed and they also find restrooms nearby them.

What it does

It finds music concerts nearby people and also they can search them it fetches data from external API and when you find your event you can also find restrooms and rules and regulations of the country and city.

How we built it

I have been fetching data from the following API's - restrooms data music concert data travel data when I fetch data from all of these API's and display it accordingly

Challenges we ran into

Make this a progressive web app is the most difficult task for me and after that, I don't face many challenges in it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First time in my life I've made a PWA web app that was a pretty big achievement for me.

What we learned

I've learned progressive web app technology

What's next for funAfterCovid

I've been planning to make it more robust I mean users can share the map of the live concert, add carpooling service, and get the actual travel distance with different vehicles actually, may I do it now but I have to wait 1 week to get API keys from these services.

Built With

  • javascirpt
  • react
  • restapi
  • tailwind
  • webpack
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