I wanted to make easier for people to find the right after school programs for their kids to further assist in their academic endeavors, and to also help troubled youths.

What it does

Sifts through a list of schools that matches a user's query and displays school's information. Once a user chooses a school, the website allows a user to send a "request for information" email to the school, using sendgrid as the emailing provider.

How I built it

It was built using the meteor framework, with React, Redux, and jquery in the front end, DDP for handling caching and rendering in the middle, and mongodb for the back end. It's initially deployed using AWS, but eventually ported to galaxy meteor.

What's next for Fun2Bright

Grow the website with more information from other after schools, improve SEO by including a blog, improve mobile view, refactor code, and improve rendering speeds using webpack and minifiers.

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