Who is [No Wineing]

A team of new developers and hackathons first-timer. We may lack experience and skills, but we've definitely got ideas, passion, and a self-motivated learning mindset!


As college students, we personally understand the desire to intoxicate ourselves... sometimes beyond what is safe (especially in groups, when there could be high levels of peer pressure).

This is why we wanted to develop a dynamic AND safe drinking web app to inform players of their BAC levels throughout the game, and help them make responsible decisions.

What it does

After entering the names of the players, our game will randomly generate a player to drink during the round. Each time the generated player takes a drink, their BAC levels will automatically update with a percentage of their life-threatening limit personalized to their gender and weight.

With the BAC % levels of all players displayed onto one screen, we hope players will make responsible decisions and as well as eliminate peer pressure in groups when a certain player is reaching their limits.

Check us out at: [nowineing.net]

Challenges we ran into

As we're unfamiliar with HTML and CSS, we were unable to figure out how to display stats for an arbitrary number of players. For now, our game would only be able to support 4 players.

Transferring data between two HTML pages

Smoothly transitioning Javascript into HTML

What we're proud of

From learning an entirely new language, brainstorming a problem and solution, using technology make our idea into reality, to designing limited user experience, we're proud to say that we've all taken a lot from our first Hackathon!

What's next for [No Wineing]!

We see many potentials to improve our game:

  • include support for more players (up to 8)
  • implementing a selection of other drinking games for groups to play
  • incorporating a iOS and Android app that will support multi-interaction games
  • and more!

Our team hopes to continue improving our skills and look forward to future hackathons!

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