We're often bored and not very decisive. This app lets us delegate our entertainment decisions to cold hard algorithms to optimize fun and eliminate floundering.

What it does

We have a very simple frontend where you input a handful of parameters, like how many people want to participate and maximum cost per person. Behind the scenes, though, we harnessed a number of APIs and Excel files hand-crafted, small batch, artisan databases to filter through all the possible activities and return one, single thing, which you are then obligated to do.

How we built it

Java, IntelliJ, Swing, GitHub, cupcakes, Stack Overflow, sketchy library downloads, late night breakdowns, apple cider.

Challenges we ran into

Java doesn't have a built-in JSON library. This is why no one loves you, Java. Also we had to learn to use four or five APIs, with documentation and utility ranging from middling to nonexistent. And the importance of threading in UIs. And how to modify HTTP headers. And the magic of friendship.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got four or five APIs with documentation and utility ranging from middling to nonexistent to work, mostly.

What we learned

How to use a lot of APIs. How to do loose UI coupling. The importance of interfaces and abstract base classes. How to break all the lovely encapsulation you designed in one switch statement. The magic of friendship.

What's next for Fun Things Generator

Add more fun things, with more APIs, for maximum fun.

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