We were interested in finding out the trend of places with high rating versus the education people received in Montreal, but the census data was too big to fit on our computers (computers crashed :( ), so we decided to pick where the fun places are to go to in Montreal. Since this is our first year living in Montreal, it was a good opportunity to learn more about places in Montreal.

What it does

For each coordinate (longitude and latitude) in Montreal, it shows where the fun places are on the map (color labeled)

How we built it

We created an algorithm that will rate the fun level of each place based on user reviews. For each review it looked for keywords and translated the review so that it was quantifiable. All the source codes, including the presentation, is in the GitHub repo

Challenges we ran into

Displaying the data into our desired form.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing the project

What we learned

How to deal with big datasets. How to not crash our computers.

What's next for Fun Places in Montreal

We're probably done

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