Learning math is difficult, and many students struggle understanding fundamental concepts. We believe that if children can interact and visualize objects where math concepts can be applied. They will be interested in the subject and curious to learn more. Our Goal is to persuade students to be involved in STEM programs.

What it does

It help students learn fundamental math concepts with visualization and connecting with real examples. Learn Math and have fun at the same time.

How we built it

We use Unity 3D, C# and our imagination

Challenges we ran into

Learning unity and C# in one day

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a simple prototype implementing basic Unity3d concepts

What we learned

We learn:

  • a new technology.
  • basics of Unity and VR
  • C#
  • Work under time pressure :)

What's next for Fun Math

We will build the whole project by implementing all the components of the product for example: -Set up a real enviroment -Implement Student interaction -Apply Audio -Implement different scenes -Add better models and more ......

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