Pitch Fun! Locator is a user-friendly app that provides real-time insight into the current 'FUN!' factor of Vancouver entertainment venues. Always pick the hottest spot in town and never have a bad night out again!


One of our esteemed teammates is a DJ by night and is invested in people enjoying a good night out, 10 times out of 10. We asked ourselves, how could we improve the odds of having a memorable night out with friends? What if we knew which entertainment venues were currently bumping at peak fun levels? That's why we built the Fun! Locator.

What it does

Fun! Locator collects real-time data from Vancouver entertainment venues and based on a proprietary machine learning algorithm rates the current 'fun' factor of each place. 'Fun' factors are adjusted by the minute.

How we built it

• Front-end: React was used to build a clean UI to display entertainment venues and metrics. 
• Back-end: We leveraged Django DB to collect real-time data from the entertainment venues. 
• ML algorithm: Python modules including sklearn and pandas were utilized to build out the ML regression algorithm that takes in the live data from the back-end and produces 'fun' factor scores on the user interface.

Challenges we ran into

Collecting real-time data in Django was a first for the team and proved to be a steep learning curve experience. In particular, transferring the live-data through the ML algorithm and then to the front end in React was the biggest obstacle.

Accomplishment that we're proud of

Each team member stepped up and "punched above" the weight class that they entered nwHacks with. We pushed each other to build something new. Most importantly the team displayed strong mutual respect and collaboration.

What's next for Fun! Locator

We would like to enhance the back-end capabilities to collect more real-time data and probably fine-tune the ML algorithm to improve it's efficiency!

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