is an easy to use platform that mimics a community foundation. allows people within a community to build a fund of money for communal use, made up of contributions from the group of people themselves. IIt will allow the creation of several microfoundations (or "people's foundation", as we like to call it) and drive community financial empowerment with it.

How impoverished communities finance local projects or activities?

One of the problems faced by low income communities to run their local social projects has to do with money and empowerment. Oftentimes, when people are in need of something, instead of looking to themselves as a community for the solution, they go to the local government, politicians or just do nothing to improve the situation. As a consequence, many small local development never happen, or came with lots of strings attached, for lack of financial resources.

In order to solve the money issue and empower communities to drive change by their own, we want to setup micro-community funds.

In North America there are some 1300 community foundations, which are nonprofits that basically pool money from a community and channels it to local projects through grants or direct investment. In the third world, there are much fewer because of bureaucratic, financial and cultural reasons.

Built With

  • love
  • giveth's-vault-contract
  • giveth's-minime-token-contract
  • stripe
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Max Dana posted an update

Nota bene for BSIC hackathoners: The prototype linked above does not actually talk to the Ethereum testnet or mainnet. It's just a Ruby on Rails mockup of some key user flows that we can use for further user testing in the field.

Also I will probably reset that database a bunch so don't get too attached to it :-)

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