(Note: Julia from Science and Aviation also helped, but I don't have her email!)


We wanted to make a star sign quiz with a twist ending, and that evolved into a cat quiz.

What it does

It asks people questions, they answer it, and it determines what kind of "cat" the are.

How we built it

We use C++ and some input files for text for the quiz.

Challenges we ran into

Not too many, as the scope of this project was relatively small. It was mainly debugging, and figuring out how to settle ties (which we have to be random)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was equally a coding and creative writing challenge. We're all proud of the code we made, the questions we invented, and our detailed results!

What we learned

One of us had very little experience in C++. This project helped them learn more about it. Another one of us knew nothing about git or hackathons, so they were in the same boat. The last member helped us come up with the inspiration for many of the results we have.

What's next for Fun Cat Quiz!

It was mostly a learning experience for us! Hopefully we can make even better quizzes in the future; maybe even one with graphics!

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