The inspiration behind the project has been an experience from all of our team members. We had the chance to be grateful for our degree that connects our lives to be able to create the technology we love. Full Sail has been a journey that inspired our team to always want something better. The opportunity to experience new things, to expand our boundaries and meet new people and learn our network.

What it does

Heat and Motion Sensor

It is a new look at technology where we created a Heat/Motion sensor that can improve the fan experience during events this allows the facility to have crowd control and the number of bodies around the concession stands.


The museum is a new way to use the facilities with the advantage of tourism in Orlando where the fans can read and learn about the events in the stadium and have Virtual experiences in the field. It was also added a VIP experience to be able to watch past games with a holographic event where the games played in the stadium can be seen again.

How we built it

We created a motion-activated program with Ardino technologies and an NFC reader for the entrances in the restricted and exclusive areas

Challenges we ran into

We had too many ideas and could not come to a definition of what to use. These ideas helped us shape the final Idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to come out with new ideas to help the stadium and bring the community together. We managed to have great experiences.

What we learned

We have learned to work together and talk and visualize our ideas and reach a common goal.

What's next for FullSail

Graduation and finding jobs. We also want to be able to create ideas that we are passionate about and can have fun with.

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