To improve the user's mobile experience for playing games on computer or any console connected to internet.

It creates a controller like experience in the mobile and allows users to play games with it.

We have used android, wolfram mathematica, and c# for developing UI, Data Analytics, and desktop applications respectively.

Challenge that we faced was primarily connected to transmitting the data in real time, thereby focusing on reducing latency.

We are happy that we can let our users control the games and provide controller like experience at very low cost.

We learned about such apps have potential applications in the field of medical, defense, aerospace and at many other places where high precision is required.

What's next for Fullerene

Next stage for Fulleren includes development and launching of a full fledged gaming portal to open new horizon for gamers.

We are very happy that many hackers at the hackathon and the jury liked our project. We thank our judging panel, sponsors, technology providers and the entire team of organizers for providing such wonderful experience.

It is our honor to receive the best Hack award in the category of Entertainment/Sports.

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