36 Million People Play fantasy sports. 72% of is football, 27% baseball. Source FSTA. Conclusion; Americans enjoy engaging their sports through the medium of fantasy games.

The team at Fanamana are all about building real-time same objective fantasy games. We've built a simple fantasy game for Rugby using the Rugby Championship RU7 feed for a simulation game.

Here's how it works, you pick a team for an increment of time. If that team scores in that time period you score. If they are scored on you are scored on. You continue this way until you've used up your virtual 80 mins, aka Full-Time. If your For Score is greater than your Against Score you record a win, if they're the same its a draw, and if its less its loss.

Like the real competition we use rounds. So you have until that round is complete to use up all your virtual time. This may span multiple days.

We've intentionally kept the game simple. The user is rewarded for watching the game. The user does not need to be an expert to play this game. We see this app as a gateway for the user to the Sport of Rugby via a very simple fantasy game.

We believe in the longevity of this app as its tied to live events in ongoing competitions. This can be marketed on a competition by competition basis which also adds the possibility of gaining corporate sponsorship on this level.

All we need to make this happen is a real-time data feed.

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