I wanted to practice full stack development and also utilize cockroachDB.

What it does

This is a website that lets you store and share locations that you've been to along with descriptions of what is there with friends.

How we built it

I built it using a local cockroachDB cluster which I interfaced with a golang Mux REST API. The API was templated using the OpenAPI standard and the skeleton code for the API was autogenerated. This new API could be queried using the webapp frontend that I made.

Challenges we ran into

CORS in browser, Learning more about related technologies like databases, OpenAPI, and golang, and of course time. Unfortunately could not spend the entire weekend on the project and was unable to fully utilize my REST API using the frontend. The REST API's desired functionality was implemented but was not fully utilized.

What's next for Full Stack Location Website

Clean up code and finish the project so that it can run on the cloud & learn more about front end development.

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