Working in the tech industry we have witnessed many great new technologies. However, we have also seen countless LaCroix cans either being placed into the wrong recycling receptacle or nearly full LaCroix cans in the trash. Thousands of LaCroix cans everyday are improperly disposed of and gallons of water go to waste because of this. After seeing this, we know it was time for change. And thus, Full Stack LaCroix was born.

What it does

Delivery and recycling service for LaCroix

How we built it

The web app was built using React.js, Styled Components, Reach/router, and Webpack. It was deployed to Netlify from github. In order to communicate with our DynamoDB backend, we used the aws-sdk. In order to add live text notifications from Twilio, we used Serverless to deploy a Node.js Lambda.

And most importantly, we added our special ingredient to the code: love ❤️

Challenges we ran into

Mobile responsiveness for websites.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Real time updates, text notifications, clean UI.

What we learned

Our love for coding and LaCroix!

What's next for Full Stack LaCroix

Create a more robust web application. Work on getting users.

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