Wanted to have a dance party at HackUmass but didn't have speakers. We wanted to incorporate bluemix into this, but failed. The original idea was that bluemix would suggest three songs and users would vote on it. Thus, one main dJ and the other "partygoers" suggest the next song.

What it does

Uses songs on Soundcloud to play on multiple phones at once. Creates a more group listening experience rather than a single phone. Users can choose a song to play.

How I built it

We spent the majority of the time trying to code with bluemix. It was found that blumix failed when coding so it was hard to test. Thus we chose to change the app and just kept it simple with synchronizing music and choosing.

Challenges I ran into

Bluemix servers (US South servers) were down. Hard to create an app surrounding bluemix. Coming up with an idea.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Trying out BlueMIx for the first time, then learning to code with pebbles.

What I learned

I learned that using IBM code is difficult and tiresome, but if you try and get it into it will eventually lead to a reward.

What's next for Full-music-sync or Joe DJ

Add the original features and improve on a faster synchronization (need to load song and wait ~5secs) Maybe include youtube videos and create playlists as well. Improve user experience and interface.

team 62; HackUmass2015

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