Ilina Dragonova is presumably the last living human being, her life perpetuated as a series of clones in order to visit a final act of vengeance against the Elder Gods.

As a new clone you uncover previous memories through interactive cinematic experiences and room-based puzzles. These are used in a spell-based battle gameplay that involves selection of rune combinations from different pages in the Necronomicon.

Another possible innovation is a semi-autonomous mecha NPC that fights alongside you. We use the GearVR touchpad for input. Both puzzle and battle modes make use of gestures.

We will be making use of the Psai engine to provide a cinematic soundtrack that follows the intensity of the gameplay.

Our challenges:

  1. Tell Ilina's surreal story in a concise, compelling and intuitive fashion.
  2. Create a battle mechanic that lies somewhere between Space Invaders and Chess.
  3. Create a semi-autonomous mecha AI that can affect the tide of battle.
  4. A spell building system that is intuitive to use in VR.
  • Headphones are required for intended experience.

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