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We, as consumers, all felt strongly about being sustainable with our food consumption, but frustrated at how much information is out there and how hard it is to find it all in one place. We wanted to create an app that allowed consumers to unite and work with the food industry to drive a focus on our collective future.

Food waste alone generates about 8% of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Business as usual won’t protect the future of our food supply and oceans. We need to act now and alter how and what we eat to champion sustainable agriculture and provide support for vulnerable farming communities.

All it takes is awareness and a tiny bit of planning, the next 8 - 10 years is going to determine the quality of life for the next 100 - 200 years. Continuing on our current trajectory It's expected that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Political scientists found that It only takes 3.5% of the population to create meaningful change and we believe that’s completely possible with our app.

What it does

Enable users to make an impact!

On first download you can choose what you care about most to ensure that your effort is invested effectively. The large amount of sustainability information available makes it hard to prioritise so we believe this will help to cut through the noise.


  • Your individualised sustainability score will allow you to track and measure your impact
  • Suggested events, products and stores to help you connect like-minded people and explore your neighbourhood
  • Explore sustainable stores nearby
  • Our Local features provide functionality to search for local businesses, giving more exposure and insight into what’s nearby.
  • Sustainability score for stores helps you know where to shop sustainably
  • Shopping locally reduces your carbon footprint and supports the local economy
  • Understand the environmental impact behind every product
  • Our search feature allows you to scan or text search for a product, and identify key information (recyclable packaging, vegan, vegetarian, palm oil status etc), and provide you better visibility into the environmental impact of your choices.
  • The product recommendations and comparisons altogether enable you to make smarter and informed decisions.

Maximize your impact: Furthermore, you can gain points through making sustainable decisions, supporting the app, and interacting with the community. This will lead to rewards in the form of sustainable food discounts, or charitable donations that align with our cause, for example: Convert your sustainability points into donations for like-minded charities Or, convert your points into discounts to further support local businesses and sustainable suppliers

How we built it

On the first evening, we focussed first on brainstorming together and deciding on the core mission of our product. We created user flows based on the ideas and prioritised them based on resources and time constraints while making sure the core value is delivered in the MVP. On Saturday, we created wireframes in Figma, found our API data sources and coded our prototype app, did market research and created a design system. On Sunday, we made our app look a lot more professional by adding our designs and worked together to help cement our pitch.

Challenges we ran into

Availability of (free) food and sustainability data. With more demand hopefully more of this will be captured in future.We also had too many ideas, too little time!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Streamlining the vast number of sustainability problems and data that we cared about into a useful and useable app design VERY quickly, that we believe can make a difference ❤️

What we learned

The quick ideation process enabled us to create an idea quickly and bring it to life that was able to make a positive impact.

It was really useful to have the breadth of experience across our team. It meant that everyone brought a different perspective and pushed the concept further (and found out that hackathons are not that scary).

That if the supermarkets were to get together and build this product it wouldn’t be that hard. It would create a large scale change quickly rather than individuals doing this.

What's next for Full Circle

Features: Connect users with an online community: A forum to connect like minded people to share their best practices and ideas to build a better and more sustainable future. Connect users with sustainable cooking to further reduce food waste and help the environment Suggest recipes based on what users have purchased. Allow users to share recipes in the forum. Provide a shopping guide based on the recipes the users have chosen, e.g. which store to shop and what ingredients to get to maximize the sustainable impact. A powerful sustainability score system with:

  • location of the materials,
  • percentage of sustainability,
  • how it can be recycled,
  • where it’s come from,
  • it’s life cycle,
  • what country made it,
  • it’s the footprint of how far it’s travelled.
  • And backed by reliable data

Mobile app: We would also like to convert to a mobile (React-Native) app, add the image analysis and barcode scanning functionality to make it easier for customers to find their food, as well as the custom maps to show them where to shop and support their local businesses. We also have loads of other great ideas for expansion, like recipe suggesting, notifications for food going out of date and linking with friends and family so customers can inspire each other to do better.

We obviously also need funding and backing to make our app a reality!🤑

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