We are applying for the Software prize.

The idea came from a simple question, “What are the restaurants and grocery stores do with all the excess food at the end of the day?” The only answer that came to mind is that it goes in the TRASH. Food that others, who are food insecure, could eat. Food that is still fully edible. Food that could be kept out of landfill and help people of Baltimore. That is what my brother and I set out to find a solution for.

During a three day Hackathon at Digital Harbor Foundation called Harbor Hacks, we came up with a solution. We are built a website that would allow people, restaurants or supermarkets to post food that is headed for the dumpster but is still good to eat and distribute it to people that need it on a first come first served basis.

The poster would have control over the listing and could control when the item would be disposed. This project would also not hold the giver responsible of any liability. The recipients would have to sign in and sign a waver before they could search for items available.

This website was built to help get food to go into the hands of those that need it. It will add food availability to homeless shelters and individuals. This will specifically help people that are food insecure because it would protect their dignity and allow them to provide food for their family, rather than feeling embarrassed that they have to visit a pantry. It is a viable alternative to a soup kitchen or a pantry and it would keep our city’s food waste out of the trash and into the hands of the less fortunate.

Test the site here!

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