We always thought of cycling or walking to nearby places but we never give it a shot. Because there are no practical advantages of it. So, we use car or bike even for short distance and the result is annoying traffic all over the city. And I wanted to change that badly.

What it does

Fuelity let's you save fuel and give you reason to cycle/walk nearby places. That means every time you cycle or walk to some place, it will show you how much money you have saved by taking selfies. Not just that, the points you earn by cycling or walking instead of using your car, will help you make stronger resume and to get shopping discounts as well (coming soon).

How I built it

I used iOS GPS to track user's location/distance/speed and parse for backend datastore server to built it.

Challenges I ran into

People may use car/bike as well to get the points. So, I had to design the alogirthm so Fuelity app can identify user's vehicle based on speed and acceleration.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the way I have built it. It is a win win condition for everyone.

  1. City gets more greener.
  2. Reduces traffic issues in city as people will consider cycling/walking to nearby places.
  3. Users become healthy and saves fuel as well.
  4. The stores providing discounts get more customers.

What's next for Fuelity

The plan is to make Fuelity discount available all around the world so everyone can take part in it and make world greener place to live. :)

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