Save fuel. Spend less. Be green.

Using your smart phone to analyze vehicle data from car’s computer, Fuel Economy Coach will teach you to be a better driver. Saving fuel means saving money and it’s good for the environment too!

By analyzing your driving habits, real time, you will receive immediate feedback on how efficiently you are driving. Colorful and easy to recognize icons on your smart phone provide guidance to improve your driving immediately. When your journey is over Fuel Economy Coach delivers specific instruction on what you can do to improve your fuel efficiency. Designed for the individual driver and fleet manager alike, Fuel Economy Coach provides the tools you need to make yourself or your fleet more fuel efficient. Challenge yourself with personal goals or build competitions to incentivize all of your drivers. With detailed reports and coaching tips, Fuel Economy Coach will get you and your team on the path to fuel efficiency.

We can't change the price of fuel, but we can help you spend less on it!

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