When my grandpa immigrated to the United States, he ate hot dogs for his entire first week here because he didn't speak English and that was the only word he knew. Later, when he'd go to restaurants, he would just point to other people's food and say "I want that" because he wasn't familiar with what was on the menus. For people who don't speak the language or are new to a foreign country, ordering at a restaurant can be a game of chance and a difficult experience. f¨üd is here to change that.

What it does

füd is an iphone app to help restaurant goers figure out what to order. The app allows users to scan an item on a menu, and it instantly displays an image of that particular food item.

How we built it

Built in swift, füd uses the tesseract optical character recognition (OCR) API to transform the words on your menu to text. This text is then fed into a custom google search engine which returns an image to show the user.

Challenges we ran into

How to parse text, how to use xcode, where to find a database of food images

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Understanding the multiple APIs we used in order to link them together to create a working product

What we learned

How to use xcode and swift! We are first time IOS app developers. We also learned a lot about custom google search engine, how to use a REST API in swift, as well as the tesseract OCR.

What's next for füd

Making more people happier by eating füd they love

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