Our motivation is to provide support to use smart devices to people who are suffering from Parkinson disease and other conditions that result in hand tremor. A shaking condition complicates many simple situations that we must face everyday. Introducing data to an smartphone or a tablet is one of them, since the user may not tap at where he or she wanted because of the tremor. Our goal is to record real-time shaking data to collect information about the user's shacking characteristics and facilitate the interaction with the screen.

What it does

Fubbles collects shacking data from the user. This data is used to do a correction offset of the user's tap and thus improve the user's life quality. Collected data can also be used for medical purposes, such as monitoring the patient's shacking. Moreover, we can create a unique shacke-ID, which has many potential applications such as safe unlock.

How we built it

Fubbles collects data using a motion sensor, which is mounted next to the finger tip. The user should just where a glove or a ring with the sensor, and it will send data to the Cloud. There we carry real-time data processing.

Challenges we ran into

Our main battle field was the Bluetooth connection. We planned to work on SWIFT but Apple does not support the Bluetooth connection and thus we had to change our initial plans and develop a web app instead.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely happy that we manage to get our idea real by combining our different backgrounds and experiences.

What we learned

To make Fubbles real we had to struggle with data acquisition and filtering issues. Several programing languages were used for different tasks and

What's next for Fubbles

Next step is to get an autonomous device instead of a cable connection to PC. We believe that if we improve our treatment of row data, all

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