I love fintech and love providing solutions for people. I was inspired by people such as Vernell Woods, CEO of Moolah Mobile, to impact people's lives in a beneficial and simple way

What it does

This app provides a marketplace for users to save money of subsequent purchases and incentives them to make smart decisions with their money

How I built it

I used Node.js, restdb API, some NCR API usage,

Challenges I ran into

Effectively using NCR's api(time constraints), taking very long to brainstorm a useful solution to company challenges

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Effectively used to set up user profiles, created marketplace to allow users to make conscious monetary decisions

What I learned

A lot more node.js, using, using NCR api

What's next for FubarPay

Hopefully to continue to refine the MVP and market it to people that are interested in it

Built With

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