Technica 2015 was my first ever hackathon and ever since then I've been hooked. It was only a matter of time before I tried to bring it to my current university, Fordham University.

What it does

A rather simple website that houses a hackathon meme and buttons that will link people to tentative Fordham Hacks social media pages as well as to the typeform where that can register to attend.

How I built it

The Fordham Hacks website has not been registered under an official domain yet however, it was built on my laptop locally using the text editor brackets and recently picked up html.

Challenges I ran into

I didn't really run into many challenges aside from wanting the interface to be more complex. For easy readability, I took a minimalist approach and therefore, haven't run into any complications yet.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm extremely pleased with the aesthetics of the site because it's clean and easy to follow. The three buttons at the bottom of the page also work well and do their job of directing people to the links I had assigned each button to. Also, I made the background and overall color scheme blue and pink in honor of Technica!

What I learned

I've never done front end dev before so learning and implementing html was fun and interesting. I also love how in html everything is organized by tags and attributes as I find that makes things easier to understand.

What's next for FU Hacks

I want to continue to improve the website interface as well as embed the registration form within the website so it doesn't have to redirect people to a separate page. I also plan on changing the appearance of the page a bit and eventually defining Fordham Hacks by it's own unique color scheme. After improving the website interface I need to go forth with planning the hackathon at Fordham University and recruiting sponsors as well as planners before I can add the "Team" and "Sponsors" sections to the site.

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