Inspiration: According to Mark Zukeberg "The biggest problem we are facing in rural areas of India are awareness". People in rural areas are very buzy during the day and not aware about schemes , policies and weather in their area. Radio in rural areas is a major source of Awareness But due to some of their important work they are unable to listen to it.

What it does: Our App is for rural people in any regions of Our App helps people in rural areas to listen radio audios whenever they wish , in areas with low speed of net could download our summary of pdf doc of FM audio and in areas where their is no FM and no Internet our Messaging Feature helps in messaging the text doc to them (without net).

How I built it : Built using Eclipse , PHP and Exotel Api

Challenges I ran into: Using the API and error detection in PHP code

Accomplishments that I'm proud of able to using a new API. Also we are proud that our app can make a difference to the colony if not very big, but a little little adds

What I learned: To built android apps and use api for building this app

What's next for FTunes: We could extend this by dividing into regional language parts i.e. each region gets pdf in its own language.

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