The site was inspired by the idea the FSC needed a place where the CB can judge the incoming applicants for remote audits

What it does

It connects to the backend of the dynamics 365, retrieves all the applicants from there and shows them for the CB.

How I built it

For connecting the backend to my site i used a lot of tutorials by microsoft, in the end i hacked it all together though because i ran out of time.

Challenges I ran into

The most challenging partts whas the connection with the microsoft dynamics 365 parts which i had never worked with before and only had 1 month with in my spare time. The most challenging thing for me was the amount of time i could spent on it and prioritizing this time to get the best app

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the connection the backend and getting the site online with the login feature.

What I learned

I learned a lot from all the tutorials put online by the members of arc gis and by docusign. For example the mailinator site used by Inbar Gazbit (docusign). which is very useful also in my professional live and the coding examples in javascript for arcGIS

What's next for FSC Audit Qualification

Built With

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