Spring break seems like it was just yesterday. It's fun to travel with friends, but it can be chaotic, with everyone offering opinions on what to do and where to go. With FRUITS, planning a trip is fun, collaborative, organized, and simple.

What it does

FRUITS offers the opportunity to create an unlimited number of different itineraries. Each itinerary keeps track of the locations visited and the times in the schedule reserved for the visit. You can search for Points of Interest right from the UI and add the interesting ones to the itinerary. The app also shows the active search results on a map.

How we built it

We built it using a Ruby on Rails back-end coupled with a react frontend, with maps and places support from the Google Cloud Platform. It has two main parts, naming the trip and setting the dates, and then adding events and exploring places to go in the city that you are travelling to.

Challenges we ran into

The Google Maps API is very powerful and quite complex. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out what interfaces and services we needed to use. In addition, the security features of the modern web (CSRF, CORS) made much of our work unusable.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have managed to put together a functional product that we would be happy to use ourselves and recommend to our friends. We learned a lot about the way we work and the tools we used, and we all used a new framework this weekend!

What we learned

We became better at pair programming and group debugging while pushing our abilities to the maximum. As with any project, what initially seems like a straightforward idea, will always turn out to have unexpected twists and turns.

What's next for FRUITS

We would love to integrate our app with a Facebook Messenger bot in order to get live travel updates, like weather forecasts and traffic predictions. Additionally, we would like to integrate flight search into our app and export the itinerary to external calendar providers.

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