Browsing through different forums online regarding frugal fashion, I have been able to find incredible deals. However, most of the time, I am too late for the deal. With this monitor, no one will miss a deal ever again.

What it does

Notifies user when a clothing article that meets the user's criteria (price, brand, etc.) is found.

How I built it

Front end was created with simple html/css/javascript. The notification system had several components: TWILIO API for sending messages, Firebase for user authentication/account info, Python/beautifulsoup for web scraping to find the deals, Django/Heruko app to create the API.

Challenges I ran into

Twilio API kept saying that my phone number was unverified even though I verified it. Resolved the issue by creating a new account.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating an API via Django

What I learned

Using Firebase for storing account details

What's next for Frugal Fashion

Automatic purchase option

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