What it does

Imagine a world in which special-offers from your favorite businesses are floating in the space around you and all you need to retrieve them is your phone. Frugal brings this vision to life. Frugal-subscribing businesses provide us with a list of discounts of varying value along with their corresponding probabilities of occurrence. As soon as you enter the radius of one of these stores, our app will grant you one of these discounts in accordance with the probabilities they specified.

At the front counter of each business, there will be an authentication QR-code our users can scan to unlock and redeem their discount. After authentication, a barcode will be displayed for the POS system to scan and apply the discount.

How we built it

We thankfully established a very effective workflow that gave us a lot of momentum in our development. Within the first hours, any of us could push to GitHub which would automatically deploy the new build to Heroku.

Our team-dynamic was a huge asset as well. We only have three members but we split our efforts wisely between the front-end and the php endpoints.

Challenges we ran into / Accomplishments that we're proud of

We ran into several issues relating to the state and generation of coupons but came up with solutions we believe are robust and ready for the world.

What we learned

We learned a lot about hybrid apps, project planning, and various tools we had to pick up along the way (Composer, Ionic, barcode/QR code APIs, etc.)

What's next for Frugal

Frugal has the opportunity to revolutionize how businesses invest in their customers while giving flexibility to local-shops and department stores alike. We are excited to forge the way ahead by implementing unconventional ideas to improve business-customer relationships on both ends.

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