So, the inspiration was from students studying from home during this COVID-19 lockdown. Often students like to study in a group with friends but because of this COVID-19 lockdown students are unable to do it so we thought to create an app that will let you track your studies along with your group (a virtual study group).

What it does

So you can create groups, chat there with your friends, create a todo list for your friends and also you can create notes (exam notes) for everyone. You can keep track of the todo list. You can create a video chat room to discuss about studies with your friends, you can chat with your friends individually as well. Also you can create a room to stream YouTube content with your friends without any screen share and stuff with controls for every individual user so you don't have to be dependent on the host to do it. Also, the audio and video will be clear as it will stream YouTube content directly using YouTube's web API.

How we built it

We built the whole app with the MERN Stack. First we created the UI design trying to achieve best user experience. Then we created a to-do list to track what we have to achieve in a certain time. Then we started working on it with our best.

Challenges we ran into

So the first challenge we ran into was to design the backend architecture. But we did figure it out somehow after doing some research. Then the most difficult challenge was to implement text chat and video-chat to our we struggled to much for that and then we eventually started working on the rest of the remaining work but still we ended up not completing the project. :(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishments that we're proud of would be, we experienced how we can debug errors in a short period of time and we learnt very much bout' that.

What we learned

We learned that how we have to complete a project in limited period of time and honestly, even though we didn't finish the project we are still quite glad what we came up with.

What's next for Froup-A virtual study group app

So we are thinking to develop it more and complete it more great features and functions. We have still too much to do to complete it and if it goes all good we might even think to publish it.

Also I would like to thank the whole ThetaHacks team to make this period of time enjoyable and also we got to learn so many new things in this period of time. Also, this was our first ever hackathon. Kudos! to you guys who made this special for us!!

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