All of us are really enjoy baking cakes! A common problem is creating to much icing which then results in wastage. We aimed to solve this problem by automating the process of adding colouring through a controlled process.

What it does

"Frosty" is able to ice your cake while you select the colours you want specific parts of the cake to be. Once the user begins pressing the cone, the inner icing mixer begin turning. This mixer is also responsible for mixing specific colours with white icing. The colour of icing being extruded can be changed by clicking buttons on the outer structure. Three colours of food colouring are avaliable in the system (RGB). A specific colour can be selected using buttons on the outer structure. The system determines the required RGB ratio. The corresponding pumps of the specific food colouring deposit the required amount of food colouring. The amount of food colouring can be monitored as stepper motors are used. Syringes coupled with servos can also be used as the pump system.

How I built it

3D printed and laser cut the structures. Voltage regulator used to use 12V laptop charger adapter supply to 3.3V, 5V and 12V (for different components). Arduino and stepper motor drivers used to run pumps and mixer.

Challenges I ran into

Idea generation :) - we are all very curious individuals so concluding which project to pursue was a challenge. Sourcing parts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

System works Motors drive at required time intervals and calls Outer structure and mixer successfully 3D printed and laser cut

What I learned

A lot! And we had a lot of fun!

What's next for Frosty The Icing Man

"Frosty" and its concept could be applied for chemical processing facilities. Often there is a common base chemical which then has to be mixed with varying concentrations of chemicals to produce several different kinds of required outputs. This requires seperate chemical processing lines. Using a system similar to Frosty, only one line will be required and the base load can be mixed with different concentrations of other chemicals to produce different outputs.

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