We wanted to create a tool that can make internet more accessible, so we built a search engine that doesn't require internet!

What it does

Froogle is a mobile application that allows users to browse the internet without wifi or data. By directly communicating with SMS micro-services, Froogle is able to search the internet through SMS.

How we built it

Froogle's back-end server was created using Standard Library, Twilio and Node.js. The mobile application was built using React Native, with custom Java wrappers to allow access to native Android features.

Challenges we ran into

Twilio ran into a major service outage during the time of our development, requiring us to manually testing different components while waiting for the fix to be in place. The communication channel between the back-end server and the mobile application was also challenging, as the text was being converted through different platforms with different data specifications.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create a protocol that allows us to communicate efficiently between different platforms. We are also proud of our web scraper and mobile application.

What we learned

We learned how to work with Standard Library, Twilio, React Native, and integration of custom Android APIs.

What's next for Froogle

We think Froogle has a bright future ahead! With more time, we can create custom page rendering on the application and improve web scraping to create an optimal SMS-internet browsing experience. We hope to continue the project and allow more people access to internet.

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