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How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

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What's next for

After watching news reports about so many restaurants facing hardship and seeing testimonials of COVID-19 frontline workers such as healthcare workers, truckers, grocery workers, etc. I realized that they could be brought together to help one another. My husband and son both work in our family trucking company, so I know first hand how hard everyone is working and the toll it takes. By connecting donors who donate money and/or time to pick up and deliver with restaurants willing to do curbside, to-go or catering, we can use the money donated to pay the restaurants (which keeps them in business), the donors to pick up the food and deliver it, and the frontline workers get fed. Then, I kept hearing about how some daycare facilities were closing. Now you've got all these workers who are already background checked and licensed, out of work. But the front line folks still need childcare or elder care. Why not partner them together? So that's how Frontline Helper was born. I secured the urls of and and we are in the process of creating the wireframes. We're building it so that it can be copied in all other communities...not just my local community,

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