We worked on Wegmans challenge and the main inspiration behind the project was the challenges and problems faced by frontline workers especially in such a pandemic hit era. This has been a testing time for each one of us but the frontline workers were the worst hit - be it mentally, emotionally or physically. This project has been an effort to conceptualize the idea to provide digital form of support to the frontline workers.

What it does

In this application a user logs in to his or her account and create requests for ordering food or booking a cab. Users can also track their requests on the portal.

How we built it

For this project we used ReactJs for front end design and for the backend we used the Google Cloud Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

We used the Google Cloud Firebase for the first time. Initilally we faced some difficulties but eventually we got the hang of it and implemented the google authentication and real time data storage. However there was a pricing issue when deploying the app on google firestore but we were able to deploy the app AWS through ec2.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Luckily we were able to build a working prototype within the given time frame although there is a lot to improve. We also plan to build a cross platform application using React native / flutter.

What we learned

We learned more about ReactJs and also learned how to use Firebase.

What's next for Frontline Aid

We can integrate the Map API to fetch location while ordering food or booking a cab. Also, we can leverage Firestore to trigger real time notifications for the reminder module.

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