We were inspired by the fact that there are no networking sites built for teens, and without an existing network like a club, it is hard and sometimes impossible for teens to find job, volunteer, or internship opportunities.

What it does

frontdesk is a hub for local opportunities that teens can participate in. It hosts job offerings as well as provides volunteer organizations with teen volunteers. frontdesk also connects students to internship programs, and has a clean UI and interface.

How I built it

We used to code our website in HTML and CSS. We also used vanilla JS, and Sheets.Best, a software that creates an API from a google sheets

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges our group ran into was the fact that three of us (Sadia, Anshul, and !) had no prior experience with coding in HTML, CSS, or JS. Thus, we had to spend the first 2-4 hours of the hackathon learning what exactly a front end even is. Additionally, we ran into several software bugs. One big challenge was that none of us had experience using back end interfaces and thus we had to limit ourselves to JS, as opposed to utilizing PHP and mySQL.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

For us, the best part about this Hackathon was the learning aspect. We joined it with the idea that even if we didn't start the weekend knowing how to do anything except print "hello world" we would end it with a basic understanding of he beginnings of a website. And I speak for all of us when I say that we surpassed even our own expectations of what could happen in 30 hours.

What's next for frontdesk

Our goals include a mobile app, working back end, and a search function.

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