Helping people help each other is something that has been on the frontline since the very beginning of time! A hands-on proof of the same has been seen in the past year and this one, due to the pandemic situation and the lives that it has shuffled and re-shuffled. This has been a tough year for sure, more so because of the fact that people haven't been able to help despite having the will to do so. All thanks to the blind rampage of the virus on all our lives!

What it does

It helps normal civilians as well as volunteering or other hospital management organizations to come forward and help the masses with leads for COVID-19 resources and other necessary and essential commodities. Other users can also come forward and verify the leads that have been submitted by other users, thereby helping out the community as a whole. There is also a filtering panel that helps to filter the kind of resources that user might be searching for.

How we built it

  • We built the app front end components using Angular.js
  • We used Angular Material for the individual components.
  • We built the back end server using Node.js
  • We used the Datastrax Cassandra database for hosting our lead details.
  • We used Google sign in for obtaining user information.

Challenges we ran into

  • This was our very first time using or working with Angular, therefore it was very tough on all three of us to keep up the motivation due to the multiple errors that we were running into.
  • It was also our very first time working with databases, therefore that proved to be a great challenge as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are really proud that we got the web app up, in the little time that we had provided none of us had any prior experience with Angular.
  • We are also happy that we could get the database up and running.
  • We are also happy with the UI that we came up with.

What we learned

  • We learned to implement the component within component tree structure that is such a commonplace with Angular.
  • It was our very first time coding with Typescript, so that was really a great addition to our knowledge cap!

What's next for Front Leads

  • Having a separate dashboard and log in section for NGO and organizational management users so that they can directly update details.
  • Having a better moderation policy by admins of the page in order to prevent spamming or misuse of platforms.
  • Adding a constantly updated COVID-19 data tracking system to keep users updated.
  • Making a notification system.

Note: For some unknown reason, our first video stopped recording the audio at the very end in an important moment, where we were explaining the technologies used in the application, our apologies! Therefore, I had to re-record the video in a hurry and forgot to include 'This was our submission for To Hacks" in the beginning.

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