Visiting an office you have been to multiple times and still having to check-in using archaic and inefficient technology is a drag. Pens and paper? No thanks! Filling out the same digital form again? Even worse! It's slow and costly and organizations spend countless hours managing written data. It is time for something better.

What it does

Front Desk makes the security check-in process smooth, complete, and efficient for both the visitor and the meeting organizer. Using Azure Facial Recognition, the app will recognize previous visitors, sign them in, search for their meeting using Microsoft Graph, and then finally, ping the meeting organizer on Microsoft Teams with a photo for easy recognition.

How we built it

This project was built using .NET, Angular 5, and Bot Framework. It connects to Microsoft Graph for Azure Activity Directory data and uses Bot Framework to connect to Microsoft Teams.

Challenges we ran into

Most of our difficulties arose from integrating the Bot as an orchestrator of the application's flow. Combining Direct Line with the Bot's connection to Microsoft Teams became tricky while testing and developing. Pinning down bugs in the bot code was extra difficult because of the need for a live connection to Microsoft Teams instead of being able to test on a purely local environment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Facial Recognition, Bot Framework, and connecting to Microsoft Graph are all new territories for us. The team came together and worked on making this project as beautiful and functional as they could. Despite being our first venture into these territories, we ended up with a successful application we are proud of and an application that we will use.

What we learned

During this process, we learned a great deal about connecting to a variety of Office 365 information. We also learned how Bots can be used to help organizations stay on task and keep organized, and quite a few Bot troubleshooting techniques.

Directions for use

  • It's easy! Using Chrome and a device with a user-facing camera, visit the "Try it out" link. Or click here.
  • Note: If you're a judge, there should be some login information in the testing instructions.

What's next for Front Desk

Front Desk will hopefully grow into a fully-fledged multi-tenanted organization management system with reminder pings for internal meetings, emergency evacuation facial tracking, and Teams integrated Bot commands for tracking tasks, note taking, or pre-meeting notes about visitors.

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